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Shriram Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Serving the leading Educational, Scientific & Medical Research Institutions and Industries since 1988.

As a reliable supplier, we have been serving the leading Educational Research Institutions and Industries for more than two decades. We are committed to high ethical standards, quality and ultimate customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing partners are the internationally renowned brands. We supply and support the following brands given as an indicative list.

34 +

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We service the following Industrial Segments and Disciplines for their requirements of Equipments, Instruments, Chemicals and Consumables.

Chemical / Biochemical

Balances & Scales, Baths & Circulators, Calorimeters, Centrifuges, Dispensers, Evaporators

Natural Resources

Aerators, Air Sampling and Gas Analysis, Airflow Measurement, Burettes (Burets)

Medical Diagnostic

Animal Research Products, Cell Biology, Chromatography Products, Dialysis

Life Science

Animal Research Products, Cell Biology, Chromatography Products, Dialysis

Health and Safety

Humidity / Thermometer / Heat Index Stopwatch, Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Environment Science

Water & Waste Water testing equipments, Reagents & Standards, Soil Testing

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World Renowned Brands

We supply and support instruments of world renowned brands